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                Hunan Jialin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Brief introduction


                Hunan Jialin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was born in the era of "industrial 4 in Germany", "industrial Internet in the United States" and "2025 in China". It is the key support project of the Changsha economic and Technological Development Zone, which focuses on the development and design of industrial 4 projects, production and manufacture, installation and debugging, system integration, Technology consulting service is one of the high-tech enterprises.Our company adheres to the professional, modern, group and international development ideas.   

                We are committed to improving the production efficiency and the product quality, and also reducing the labor costs for the factory as our responsibility.  And we strive to arm our customers with high-tech equipment and help them to enhance the brand image and market competitiveness.  

                Our main product areas are robot application development and system integration, industrial automated production lines and automation equipment, testing equipment, laboratory equipment and so on, including a full set of services from previous program design and demonstration, system simulation, production and processing, to installation and commissioning, technical training.

                Our products cover almost all sectors of the national economy, such as automotive and auto parts, electrical and electronic, medical food, research institutes, both of the using effects and technical indicators are superior.  

                Our company has a more than 10 years of technical team with industry experience, and all of them are from famous universities or coastal well-known enterprises. We always adhere to the development model with combination of "production, learning and research," and we have established cooperation with the University of Minnesota of USA, Zhejiang University, Hunan University, Changsha University of Science and Technology in research projects, scientific and technological achievements and practice base. Meanwhile, we have also established a market or technical cooperation with some advanced well-known manufacturing enterprises in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries.

                We adhere to the talent strategy with both “introduction and training”, and constantly strengthen the high-end and diverse of the technical structure. We regard independent innovation as the core competitiveness, regard excellent talent as the core of creativity and regard development of national industry as the core driving force, and we are committed to become the mainstream suppliers of solutions and services for industry 4.0.

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